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Questions / Answers

Questions on laser epilation

Question: Please, describe the techniques you use!

The answer: Ок, tell please about your hair (color, length, thickness), it’s localization, your phototype and skin type, whether you spent trichoskophy or not, what kinds of epilation were already used and where. The matter is that if to speak about a technique - it is better to see at first you and your hair. You can book on  free consultation.

Question: Good afternoon! I wonder if the  alexandrite laser deletes hair with decoloured (deprived of melanin) hair bulb?

The answer: The alexandrite laser works precisely on melanin. Therefore if there is no melanin - it does not develop necessary energy and accordingly does not delete hair. If it is necessary for you to remove such hair - we use other devices and techniques.

Question: Tell, how long does the effect after a course of laser epilation procedures remains?

The answer: They often say that the result of laser hair removal remains for ever. It is not absolutely true. It is true more precisely, but not in all cases. The average result of laser epilation remains from 2 till 5th years. It can last longer, but as a rule it can not  last less.
Thus it is very individual and also depends on many factors: skin type, hair type, hormonal background, the psychosomatic status etc.
To recieve more detailed answer you need to make an appointment with the doctor.

Question: How strong is the harm caused to men by laser epilation of a groin and scrotum areas, if some collateral actions can appear? And what is the  cost of laser epilation?

The answer: Laser epilation of a groin and scrotum areas is absolutely safe, collateral action in the form of reddening passes within one day, the cost of one procedure of laser epilation depends on quantity of impulses (see the SERVICE section).

Question: Is it possible to remove hair from sexual lips completely by means of laser epilation? How many procedures of laser epilation is necessary to pass and how much will this pleasure will cost ?   

The answer: Yes, probably. Procedure is called deep bikini laser epilation. The quantity of procedures and terms are individual for everyone and it is necessary to talk on them after doctors advise.

Question: Does Laser epilation assume an additional expenses?

The answer: No, laser epilation don’t implicates any additional expenses. After receiving doctors advice you will sign the contract where the terms of treatment and its cost are specified.

Question: How to receive your doctors advice for decision such questions as terms and cost of   laser epilation?

The answer: It is necessary to make an appointment with the doctor on laser epilation, using special form on our site, than our manager will contact you to specify all details. Although, you can phone us and make an appointment personally.

Question: Hello! I am blonde by nature. I wonder, if the laser epilation can remove light hairs?

The answer: there is not enough information to give you qualified answer. There are many other individual factors which indicate the possibility of laser epilation in every special case. To receive a right answer you need to consult a doctor.

Question: I am 28 years old. I suffer from the hyperactive hair growth from the age of 17, advise that to me to do?

The answer: To find out a true reasons of superfluous hair growth and to select right treatment you need to meet a doctor.

Question: Tell me please, what time can pass between preliminary appointment on consultation and directly laser epilation procedure? And what is the difference between bikini laser epilation and deep bikini laser epilation?

The answer: You can receive a consultation on laser epilation straightly at the day of the reference in case if another patient refuses from procedure. It depends muchly on a zone of laser epilation and congestion of the doctor this day. Our manager will offer you different variants, so you will have an opportunity to chose the most convenient.
The area transcend of swimming trunks is called bikini area. A pubis zone and the big sexual lips zone is called deep bikini zone.

Question: I have lots of hair on hands, feet and face (an upper lip and a chin). Is this some kind of disease? Is it possible to remove these hair for ever?

The answer: The described information is not enough for diagnosis statement. To establish the diagnosis, and to define a way, time and productivity of treatment is necessary to make an appointment with specialist.

Question: I have red hair. What type of epilation is better for me?
The answer: Today the method of laser epilation is the most effective, painless and minimally harmful. Different types of skin and hair colour demands individual types of epilation. In this case the doctor’s advice is necessary, to speak more precisely.

Question: I use an epilator by Quick Epil, but one week ago I found out an ingrown hairs, advise me what to do?

The answer: I think this problem is easy to solve. But firstly you need to make an appointment with a doctor.

Question: Hello! I have decided to remove hairs from shoulders, shin and hips. But I also have hairs (not lanugo hairs) on an upper lip and a chin. What will be the first my step in resolving of this problem?

The answer: The quantity and quality of hair on human body is strictly individual and also depends on the set of factors:
- Nationalities (representatives of southern nationalities have greater amount of hairs, their hairs are more rigid and dark, than northern people’s hair);
- Level of sexual hormones (at the case if man's sexual hormones level increase at women’s organism, for example, in climacteric frustration, growth of hair on some parts of a body amplifies);
- Hereditary features etc.

Therefore, if you have come to the decision of laser epilation necessity, you may receive an endocrinologist advice firstly to exclude hormonal imbalance as a cause of excessive pilosis.
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