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Партнеры студии эпиляции

Partners of epilation studio


Quanta system (Italy)

World leader in innovation, quality and reliability founded in 1985. It is part of the world's largest laser holding El. En Group and is rightfully considered one of the leaders in laser systems design and manufacture. It cooperates with more than twenty leading medical universities and research centers.

Natura Bisse (Spain)

Founded in 1979, the company was the first to create low-molecular amino acid makeup. Conclusive evidence of the quality of professional cosmetics by Natura Bisse is the world stars love such as Madonna, Sharon Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker and others show to it. It won a best product of the latest generation of body care beauty “Vogue-2010” award for the product C +C Vitamin Body Scrub.

Cerri (Italy)

A leader in the development and improvement of the classic hardware techniques in cosmetology. It has a patent for an exclusive program «Beauty Revolution», intended for solving problems in the face and body aesthetics field. Cerri means reliability, efficiency, safety of devices, and high aesthetic results.

Kawe (Germany)

Established 1890, this company develops diagnostic equipment of the highest class. Needs of customers is the most important factor for the company. Individual approach to clients is the guarantee of continuous KaWe success.

Perron Rigot (France)

More than 35 years of experience in creating and producing professional wax for hair removal. This firm is an innovator and leader in this field. It uses only natural oils and extracts. Technology of hair incapsulation from Perron Rigot makes the hair removal procedure virtually painless and comfortable.

Bernard Cassiere (France)

Proclaimed itself in 2000, this company is a leading manufacturer in the world of cosmetics and chocolate. Exotic spa treatments by Bernard Cassiere are a real pleasure for body and soul. The company conducts continuous research in the field of herbal ingredients, which resulted in the launch of the oxygen-saturating line with honey in 2007. The company has received a prestigious Pierantoni award for the "Oxygen spa treatment with honey" procedure.

Bio-Therapeutic Computers

The creator of micro-current therapy technology, the company was founded in 1974. Apparata by BTC meet the latest requirements of aesthetic medicine, dermatology and rehabilitation. In the equipment by Bio-Therapeutic Computers the principle of biofeedback is implemented, which adjusts the required parameters, regardless of the changing skin resistance. The devices have a FDA certificate (Foods and Drugs Administration (USA), which is one of the most stringent certification systems in the world).

Women's Studio "Element of Life"

The studio hosts emotional and harmonious classes of yoga, oriental dance and strip plastic, as well as creative workshops and seminars. Their aim is to enable girls and women to understand, feel and develop their own nature through the practical experience accumulated by different cultures in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. 

IQ Bar Restaurant

The only restaurant in Kiev which serves smart cuisine dishes.
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