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Alexandrite laser and other apparatus used in hair removal. Practical comparison. Part I / Photo epilation

Alexandrite laser and other apparatus used in hair removal. Practical comparison. Part I / Photo epilation


Each of us in life faced many times with the problem of choice.

In addition, as a rule, the greater variety of choices, the heavier to make the right decision.

Such high demand in our time, as the procedure of laser hair removal, is not exception.

In spring appeared a huge number of advertisements and offers of beauty and health centers of different levels to get rid of unwanted hair.

But few of us have the perception that signing up for "a laser hair removal" we not always and not everywhere could find the same procedure ...

The procedure of "laser hair removal” in various beauty salons is held by different devices and different procedures (level of training requires another discussion ...)

Different methods of hair removal determine differences in the ultimate efficacy, safety procedures, and also differ significantly in preparing for the procedure.

To understand the various techniques of hair removal, and to understand why, in author’s opinion, it is specialized Alexandrite Laser hair removal the most effective and safe. This article is about it.

Consider the currently used methods of hair removal in comparison with the "Gold Standard Hair Removal -Alexandrite laser device ":


1. Photo epilation

Despite the fact that photo epilation as a technique appeared relatively recently - it is not effective for the permanent long-term hair removal, in comparison to all currently existing methods of laser epilating.

Why so, you ask?

It's simple. Apparatus for hair removal cannot develop necessary for good damage hair follicle power.

The strength of light energy acting on the follicle during hair removal in tens or hundreds times is smaller than the effect of any laser device.

And once again the main reason for this is that the action of photo epilator based on the use of broadband (relative to laser beam), pulsed lamps as light sources.

A wide range of wavelengths of photo epilator’s light is from 500 nm to 1200 nm partially narrowed by a filter, which cuts off part of the "unnecessary" of the spectrum, since the effective impact on the melanin requires only one wavelength sufficient power (as in laser systems). But as a result of narrowing the spectrum of light filters, there is huge decrease of energy of the light beam in exit (on the skin surface).

What can make the operator conducting procedure to "improve the efficiency of procedure" in the fall of power output?

That's right – to increase the capacity of incoming energy flash lamp at the entrance!

But with increasing lamp the power capacity of a wide range of wavelengths also increase. And as a result on the patient's skin at the output "works" too wide range of light waves (a set of different wavelengths), which not only heats melanin pigment in the hair follicle, but also other structural components of the skin (hemoglobin blood cells, water connective tissue cells).

This, in turn, leads to uncontrolled and unpredictable overheating skin, pronounced pain, hyper- and hypopigmentation with the risk of burns.

Maybe you have a question - is it possible to construct such a filter for hair removal, that the spectrum photo epilator became narrow "like a laser”?

The answer is no.

The reason – the laws of physics. For example, to narrow the range of 10 times, the filter must absorb about 90% of energy outbreak.

To make the range "like a laser" in only one wavelength, the spectrum of flash lamp should be narrowed down thousands of times!

But in this case the main target (unwanted hair) "will include" only a paltry fraction of a percent of energy outbreak. And the meaning of the procedure will be lost in principle ...

How do you think you will choose an operator that makes hair removal procedure: low power and multiple visits procedures (of course with their payment), or high power and burns with the proceedings client?

In my opinion the answer is obvious. As the result the need for a large number of sessions - up to 20-30 sessions!

Abroad photo epilators called "lasers for the poor." They invented by manufacturers as an alternative expensive laser facilities, to increase the availability of procedures and reducing the cost of the acquisition. Photo epilators much simpler in design and are not comparable to achieved result with laser techniques.

The cost of such apparatus, and accordingly, the procedure is a lot cheaper. Yes, and the customer service of "photo epilation" understands that value defines less efficient (read more distant) result.

However, in Ukraine, the cost of hair removal procedure is almost equal to the cost of laser hair removal...?

The design of alexandrite laser device allows you to emphasize only one! wavelength (maximum selectively and safely absorbed by melanin) at 755 nm, also it convey a sufficient amount of energy with this length wave (no more, no less) in germ band hair follicle to heat and destruction (irreversible and 100% damage).

Thus a wavelength, in contrast to the pulse of broadband light sources IPL (photoepilators) selectively (i.e., selectively) is absorbed by only one target - melanin - the pigment-protein, which is in the hair shaft and its germ band. And it is absolutely safe for vessels, connective tissue and skin cells.

To be continued ...

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