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Responses on Laser Epilation

Responses on Laser Epilation

13.01.2011 Diana S.

Thank you muchly for benevolent, sympathetic and professional Volosa. Net salon team. I come to you and just have pleasure of procedures and the relation to patient.

Prosperity and longevity.

14.12.2010 Svetlana 

Good afternoon! My hair constantly grew and there was a terrible irritation of bikini zone after using the razor and wax. A friend of mine told me about your studio (she made bikini correction here).
I decided to come on consultation. Thanks to manager Maria, for convincing me to visit this consultation, I was worried so much. Now my skin became so silky) 

Also thanks a lot to doctor Vladislav Viktorovich for the creative and professional approach to favourite business!!

12.12.2011 Lesnichenko N.

I can not keep silence about it, therefore I has decided to write this. I am your neigbour, live at the house situated next to you.
I visited your studio casually and thought at first that you were scoffing))

Wished to make laser epilation, I has come on procedure and has got acquainted with doctors, they explained to me why laser epilation is impossible for me now! That I need to visit a first procedure in a month!!! I was shocked!!! I doubed so long!

I decided to make a course of procedures for body skin lifting. And after the first one I feltt such delight! It is amazing, but the cosmetics used during the  procedure absorbed very quickly and it looked like skin was so hungry that just eat everything))))

Meet on January, 10th!

All employees of studio with the New year that is coming!
P.S. Thanks to Elena!

10.12.2010 Larysa

Dear employees of Studio for laser эпиляции!

I wish to leave a response about your work and my visit to your studio.

Firstly I would like to notice, that chose your studio exclusively after viewing your site, where I have gathered lots of information useful and necessary for me, and style of your site is simply amazing – it is very unlike the others.

Secondly, my desire to try the alexandrite laser has amplified after I already passed 5 procedures (bikini, armpits) in other place using the  diode laser (and they promised me that now just last one more procedure has left before full " hair eradication"). And than I have received the notice that it will be necessary to do 1-2-3 times a year correction. And besides, each removal procedure became more and more painful, and even started to left burns.

Certainly, I worried. But from the very first minutes of dialogue with doctor Vladyslav Vasjanovych, i felt absolutely easy: the detailed anamnesis, a hair capture for the analysis of an establishment of a phase of their growth, an individual for me laser device program of work selection, testified to your professional approach to business.

The procedure, thanks to such thorough preparation, has appeared for me practically painless, and reddening has passed in 3 hours. Besides, after the epilation I received very detailed consultation on behavior after such procedure.

The studio personnel is qualified, attentive and very affable.

I should note that the studio is very stylish – everything is sustained in uniform style, it is made with taste, and it is always pleasant.

 My first visit to you was successful and I am very happy.  Thanks a lot for service. I hope, you will help me to solve my problem with «undesirable hair». And in a consequence, probably, I will become regular customer of your beauty shop, because the list of cosmetic services offered by you is extensive, and cosmetics that you use (Natura Bisse, Bernard Cassiere) is very worthy.

I recommend studio of laser epilation  for all!

Using the opportunity I would like to congratulate all personnel of studio with New 2011 Year that coming!
I wish you health, happiness, prosperity and  more and more clients.

Yours faithfully Larysa

December, 10th, 2010
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