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Body Care

Body Care by Natura Bisse (Spain) and Bernard Cassiere (France)


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Cellulite Treatment (buttocks and thighs)

Performed locally on those parts of the body where there is the effect of "orange peel". Thanks to the carefully selected components, forming the means employed, after a course of anti-cellulite procedures, a remarkable anti-cellulite effect is obtained. Includes: exfoliation, active mesoconcentrate, wrapping, warming gel, cream.



Firming and modeling procedure (neck chest, abdomen) 

It is aimed at intensive strengthening and toning the skin, increases cellular metabolism, restores elasticity, relief. Active components that are part of the means employed, provide excellent lifting effect, moisturize, protect and nourish the skin. Includes: exfoliating lotion, active mesoconcentrate, mask, moisturizer.



Mature skin care

The procedure is designed for skin with reduced turgor. The active ingredients in the applied components help protect and strengthen the skin, moisturize and nourish it, making it taut and supple. Includes: Exfoliating body lotion, active mesoconcentrate, wrapping, moisturizer.



Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap 

Main goal - cleansing and toxins removal. Procedure begins with exfoliation by exotic bamboo scrub. Then the body is covered with detoxicant "cocktail" of various marine algae. Warm wrap helps the minerals, vitamins and enzymes, which algae are rich in, penetrate into deep skin layers. The final massage relieves stress, fatigue, tiredness and gives you a good mood. Includes: exfoliation, body wrapping, massage.



Orange Delight: Antioxidant Care + intensive moisturizing

As a result of skin exposure to the adverse factors (ultraviolet rays, air pollution and water stress), conditions for the formation of free radicals and  cell damage are created. This procedure is specifically designed to block the action of free radicals and eliminate signs of premature aging. C + C Vitamin Line products are used, allowing to increase skin elasticity and firmness and reduce hyperpigmentation. In addition, throughout the whole procedure you will be accompanied by the exotic scent of citrus. includes: exfoliation, active concentrate, mask, moisturizer.



Peeling with extracts of the two peppers (prevention of ingrown hairs)

Cocktail of pepper from Jamaica, black pepper and lychee removes dead skin cells, activates circulation, exfoliates dead cells of the epidermis and fights the ingrown hair. Includes: exfoliation, body cream, massage.



Chocolate Wrap

You will not only experience great fun and relaxation, but also drainage, anti-cellulite and nourishing effect. Includes: exfoliation, body wrap, massage.



Application of  peel-off for body


The "body wrap"  procedure


Application of an active concentrate for the body


Application of Body Cream


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