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Партнеры студии эпиляции

Microcurrent therapy

Microcurrent therapy

Procedure Procedure time (min) Price (UAH)

Lifting 40 820
The introduction of the concentrate, whey (excluding cosmetics) 15 125
Bio-Mask 50 580
Lymphatic drainage (face + neck) 40 760
Rapid procedure for mature skin (the procedure of instant beauty) 50 830
Treatment of acne 50 580
Treatment of acne with bio-mask 50 580
Recovery procedure 40 445
Hair-care 40 625

Breast lift 40 550
Lifting buttocks 40 550
Firming treatment for hands 40 350
Firming treatment for belly 40 300
Firming treatment for hips 40 490
Recovery procedure for the hands 30 250
Lymphatic drainage with gloves 50 530
Anti-cellulite program (belly, buttocks, hips)
50 760
The introduction of the concentrate, whey, etc., on a one zone (excluding cosmetics) 10 130

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